Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nightgogglesinsteadofsleep - come again another day

This album is a break away from my noise to a closer to home genre of metal. This album could  be considered "cybergrind" but I like to call it NOISEGRIND because there are a few noise tracks thrown in. There are 30 tracks so I'm just going to upload it.


CLOUDS(pt i through  vi)
RAIN(pt i through vii)
SUNN(pt i through viii)
...TO COME AGAIN(pt i through vii)
ANOTHER  DAY(pt i through iv)

Hey its beena while!!!

much better noise on my account, largely porn based noise


nightgogglesinsteadofsleep - poor noise

1. short of breath said steve softly(1:36)
2. drymouthedmanontheedgeofavastsnowcave(11:41)
3. giantsinthenightgodsinthewordsofachildshair(2:41)
4. oh yeah(6:16)
5. gee, i don't think he's from around here(10:54)
6. treasure and flesh(7:06)
7. good old fashioned beer(3:33)
8. jesus harold christ iv(5:33)
total play time (49:30)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Din Virulent - Unself Untitled

Unself Untitled

1. (17:10) Crack


2. (14:06) Earth


3. (17:25) Interjection
ambient loop based noise. it gets pretty harsh at times.


New Posts Soon

It takes a bit of time when all them music we will release is from us (ngios and din virulent) as
well as our close friends and influences. Posts will be along shortly. Feedback is always appreciated. STAY NOISY

David "ngios" Bruno

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Din Virulent - Quietus

1. (7:07) DV2
2. (4:33) Not a speck of cereal.
3. (5:23) This tree is ugly and it wants to DIE...
4. (5:10) Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on
5. (2:04) Nothing but the best for my dog.
6. (7:00) If there is a hell, it waits for them, not us!
7. (4:56) DV1

This one is all over the place.


nightgogglesinsteadofsleep - A Hundred Seasons of Hell


1. dust and broken mirrors(7:23)
2. threading the needle(13:23)
3. a hundred seasons of hell(17:15)
4. while i wait here alone(7:00)

Some of my older things as well as the previous post.

More on the Way


nightgogglesinsteadofsleep - The Long Road Home

The Long Road Home Part 1(51:02)
The Long Road Home Part 2(6:59)